Get involved

Become a core member or make a referral

To apply to become a core member or to make a referral, contact the CoSA site in your region to request information about eligibility criteria and the site’s current capacity to accept new members.

Become a volunteer

CoSA volunteers help to create spaces where core members are treated with care and dignity as they come to terms with the impacts of their past actions, take responsibility for the harm they have caused, and learn how to constructively contribute to the community. Volunteering is both challenging and rewarding.

Volunteers are provided with training and ongoing guidance and mentorship that enables them to support the core member and flag concerns to CoSA staff when necessary. Volunteers:

Facilitate caring, open, and honest dialogue
Demonstrate empathy with victim experiences
Assist core members with becoming aware of and building on their strengths
Encourage core members to identify and make healthy choices
Help core members to learn to self-manage risks and triggers
Aid core members in developing longer-term support networks outside the circle

To apply to become a volunteer, contact the CoSA site in your region.

Start a CoSA site

If you have financial capacity to launch a CoSA program at your organization, contact us at to learn how to become a CoSA Canada affiliate.