Grounded in restorative justice principles, Circles of Support and Accountability (CoSA) reduces sexual victimization by assisting people who have committed sexual offences to lead responsible, constructive, and accountable lives in their communities.

No More Victims - No One Is Disposable

Evidence-based practice

Participation in CoSA programs reduces the likelihood of reoffending, increases the likelihood of successful reintegration, and helps to keep communities safe.

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Why circles work

CoSA provides a context of support and accountability in which people who have committed sexual offences or core members, can meet practical needs, develop deeper self-understanding, and make better choices for themselves and their communities.

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Sites in Canada

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Volunteering with CoSA put a face on people I’d only heard about from far away. I’ve learned to be more patient and more compassionate.

– Lynn

A sense of belonging and connection is important in terms of contributing to public safety. People tend to make better decisions when they have support and accountability.

– Amanda
Parole officer

My circle helped me to understand the impact of my choices and to find that I could make different ones. This was big for me.

– J.
Former core member

Get involved

Join a circle. Make a referral. Volunteer. Donate. There are many ways that you can contribute to safer communities.

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