About CoSA Canada

In 2015, CoSA Canada was incorporated as the national office for CoSA sites across the country. Under a five-year Public Safety Canada-funded project that launched in 2017, CoSA Canada has provided assistance to CoSA sites in 15 locations to reduce recidivism and assist people who have committed sexual offences to reintegrate into their communities.

Since 2017, CoSA Canada has also contributed to research through academic partnerships and participated in federal and non-profit learning initiatives. It has raised public awareness of CoSA programming and engaged in a multi-year process to identify and articulate good practices and relevant materials for CoSA staff and volunteer training, including outlining a national operational framework.

The primary objectives of the national office are to:
1. Provide a national voice for affiliated CoSA sites
2. Support sites in Canada and foster mutual accountability for our work
3. Develop and promote public education initiatives
4. Support evidence-based research efforts related to CoSA
5. Advocate for legislative reform
6. Collaborate with diverse reintegration agencies, services and governing bodies
7. Engage leading-edge practices in the furtherance of these objects

CoSA Canada staff

Kathryn Bliss, Executive Director
Lisa Joly, Associate Director
Nikki McCarthy, Administrative Coordinator

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CoSA Companions

CoSA Canada invites associates—companions—to support our work including criminal justice and reintegration professionals, researchers, and others. CoSA Canada welcomes contact from those interested in contributing skills and abilities to reach out. For more information, please contact info@cosacanada.com.

Award of Distinction

CoSA Canada's Award of Distinction celebrates individuals who have made significant contributions to CoSA in Canada. To date, the Award has had two recipients: Patricia Love (2020) and Harry Nigh (2019). 

As the founder of CoSA Ottawa, Patricia Love played an invaluable role in creating the national office together with her daughter and now longtime CoSA program director, Susan Love. Her dedication and advocacy enabled CoSA to develop a strong reputation, locally and internationally.

Harry Nigh was instrumental in initiating the very first circle of volunteers in Hamilton, Ontario. Through great passion and commitment, his extensive contributions helped CoSA take root in Canada and evolve over the years.

Patricia Love, honoured by the CoSA community via Zoom in December 2020.
Harry Nigh (centre), with then Chair Hugh Kirkegaard and Executive Director, Kathryn Bliss.